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  1. Split View URL Builder - allows you to create a new URL which will display multiple web pages as one web page. Useful if you'd like to display extra instructions or surveys along the side of your website to the users testing your site.
  2. 5 Second Test URL Builder - allows you to create a new URL which will display a 5 second test where a website gets displayed for a few seconds and then you ask the user a series of questions.
  3. Audio Wrapper - allows you to create a new URL which will play an audio file that is stored somewhere else on the internet.
  4. Screen Recorder (chrome extension) - super simple tool to allow users to record a narated video of their computer screen.
  5. Video Speed Controller (chrome extension) - useful for speeding up the playing back of videos.
  6. TypeForm - Create forms prompting users to answer questions. Use this with the Split View URL Builder to create a URL for your test that displays your site with a series of questions that get displayed next to your site.
  7. GenM - Find a marketing apprentice willing to work for free in exchange for job experience. Save $25 off your first membership payment.
  8. Spectrum - Instantly test your web page with different types of color vision deficiency.
  9. viddyad - Create beautiful video ads for your business at affordable rates. But don't forget to user test your ad on your target market.
  10. deque's aXe - free Chrome/Firefox extension for finding accessibility issues.
  11. FinancesOnline - reviews and comparisons of CRO and other B2B & SaaS solutions.