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Learn what people think of your app or website

Get Videos

Real people, not Artificial Intelligence bots, will record a video discussing their visit to your site or app.


Fast and affordable remote user testing

Watch real users

Average users from the United States will record their screens and provide their first impressions as they use your site or app. You'll be able to "see what they see", by receiving first person, unbiased reviews of your product directly from your target market.

Decrease bounce rate!

Most users decide if they will move on to look for an alternative site in less than a minute. UserBob's short unmoderated tests will determine if your site or app is creating the desired first impression.

Increase conversions

If your site is making a good first impression but users aren't converting, longer tests asking users to accomplish a particular task will expose your site's usability problems. Eliminating what frustrates users will help optimize your conversion rate.

Sample Videos

UserBob Service

UserBob recruits users to try out your app or website. You provide a scenario for the users and give them a task to attempt to complete. While they are using your site or app, users will think out loud and record a video of their screen and their feedback. Then you can watch the videos to quickly learn what usability issues exist.

  • Fast and Agile

    Have your first test up and running in a few minutes. Pick how many users and how long each one should spend on your website or app. Your remote usability test is instantly made available for users to complete. In less than a few hours you will have videos to review.

  • Targeted Demographics

    Choose demographics of the test users to match your users. Specify what you want the users to accomplish.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

    If you are unhappy with your results for any reason, we'll provide you with a 100% refund or have your tests redone, no questions asked.

  • For UX firms

    Complement your existing services with usability testing videos from UserBob's SaaS. Videos can be "white labeled" and branded as your own to be bundled with your service. REST API can be used to automate the process of starting tests. Call for details.

"If you are not 100% satisfied with the UserBob service, we will give you your money back."

John Weidner, co-founder

Get videos of users trying your site or app